Same day delivery in 800 locations using PUDO
PUDO is an accessible same-day delivery option for merchants that enables access to better products to make both people’s lives and the world a better place. All of PUDO fulfillment locations support on-demand, same-day and 2-day deliveries. Orders are automatically routed to the fulfillment location that provides the lowest rate for the delivery.

We recognize that E-Commerce merchants want same day delivery and low cost, anywhere, anytime. PUDO empowers your brand in making your stock available at any location worldwide at an affordable price. We’re all about making fulfillment smarter, not harder. Couryier does this by using leftover space in storage facilities, malls, bodegas and other ancillary spaces. We do not charge E-Commerce companies for inventory storage. Instead, a 3% per item fee is charged to you when your goods leave PUDO with a minimum fee of $2 and a maximum of $20.

Fulfillment and logistics can be complicated, which is why we started Couryier PUDO to make it simple and easy. We move your inventory into select locations globally to enable same day fulfillment and use our partnerships with on demand last mile delivery services.

Who is PUDO best suited for?
Our PUDO on-demand delivery fulfillment enables e-commerce retailers to facilitate same day delivery and ensures tracking of inventory, orders and deliveries. PUDO is particularly attractive for global merchants of direct to consumer e-commerce brands which do not have local brick and mortar stores.

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