ExplosivesAmmunition, Firearms (including parts), Blasting caps, Christmas cracker Explosives snaps, Party poppers, Theatrical flares, Fireworks (Skyrockets, Sparklers, Crackers), Flares, Fuses, Ignites, Nitro-glycerin, etc.
AnimalsLive or dead animals, insects, reptiles of any kind, animal including hair products, animal skins, meat and fur..
Drugs & DerivativesCocaine, Cannabis resin, LSD, Narcotics, Morphine, Opium, Psychotropic substances, etc.
Pornography & OffensiveIndecent, obscene or offensive communications, prints, photographs, books or other articles, and packets bearing grossly offensive, marks or designs are prohibited. Those discovered in transit will be stopped, and handed to Customs or the Police, who may take legal action against the sender and/or recipient
Gambling RelatedLottery tickets and Gambling Devices Tickets and related advertisements for illegal lotteries
Magnetized materialToner for photocopier, Asbestos, Dry ice (solid carbon dioxide), Magnetized material, etc.
Wet PackagingParcels that are wet, leaking or emit an odor of any kind. This includes oil materials, which could potentially leak during transport.
Prohibited ItemsThe transportation, exportation or importation of which is prohibited by any law by any regulation in any country.
Human remainsHuman and animal remains, including ashes
Gases compressed, liquefied or dissolved under pressure
All flammable compressed gases are prohibited (Blowlamps, Butane, Cigarette lighters, Ethane, Gas cylinders (Camping gas cylinders full or empty), Ammonia products, Hydrogen, Methane, Propane, etc.

All toxic compressed gases are prohibited (Chlorine, Fluorine, etc.)
All non-flammable compressed gases are prohibited (Carbon dioxide, Neon, Helium, Nitrogen, Fire extinguishers, etc.)

Flammable ItemsAll aerosols are prohibited (Hair Spray, Deodorant, etc.) Alcohol, Perfume, Acetone, Benzene, Kerosene, Motor fuels, Battery fluid, Gasoline, Lighter Flammable liquids fuel, Cleaning compounds (Bleach, Disinfectants, Laundry detergents, Oven cleaners, etc.), Paint thinners and removers, Petroleum, adhesive products (Glue, Silicone, etc.), Turpentine, Solvents, etc. Oxidizing substances and organic peroxides Solids
Dyes (Hair, Textile, etc.), Bromates, Chlorates, Components of fiberglass repair kits, Nitrates, Perchlorates, Permanganates, Peroxides, Fertilizers, Weed killers, Insecticides, etc.
Toxic and infectious substancesArsenic, Beryllium, Cyanide, Fluorine, Hydrogen Solenoid, Mercury, Mercury salts, Mustard gas, Nitrobenzene, Nitrogen dioxide, Pesticides, Poisons, Rat poison, Ebola, Foot and mouth disease, Environmental, clinical and medical waste
Radioactive materialMaterial considered radioactive with potential nuclear content and/or magnetic field potentially harmful to handle and dangerous.
CorrosivesAluminum chloride, Caustic soda, Corrosive cleaning fluid, Corrosive rust remover/preventative, Corrosive paint remover (Nail Polish), Acid (Hydrochloric acid, Nitric acid, Sulphuric acid, etc.)
AntiquesObjects and items over 100 years old considered rare and of high value
ArtworkAny collectible painting, sculpture or other work of Art
Negotiable Currency1. Postage stamps are prohibited unless franked or no longer usable for postage purposes.

2. Money – bankers drafts, current bank notes, currency notes or coins, credit cards, debit cards, uncrossed postal orders which do not state to whom they are to be paid, cheques or dividend warrants which are uncrossed and made payable to the bearer; bearer securities including share warrants, or subscription certificates, bonds or relative coupons, un-franked postage stamps, coupons, vouchers, tokens, lottery tickets, scratch cards or similar documents which can be exchanged themselves or with any other document for money, goods or services
DrugsPrescription drugs sent for medical or scientific purposes, should not meet any of the criteria of the 9 UN hazard classes when classified by the sender. Drugs in prescription quantities
Fake/dummy gamesToy weapons, paint ball guns, BB guns, antique weapons, swords, knives etc.
ElectronicsElectronic/electric appliances and devices (batteries must be removed and wrapped separately)
Fragile ItemsSpecial goods handling products where careful handling is needed due to being fragile or can only be, transported upright or only lying on a certain side as well as Ceramics or composites wholly or partially made of china and/or porcelain which could easily break during transport. Glassware – items partially or wholly made of glass, or containing glass, (example: picture frames that contain glass) Lighting – containing fluorescent tubes, neon lighting, x-ray tubes, light bulbs etc. Musical instrument as well as Plaster items – including plaster of Paris, fiber clay.
MineralsFossils, stones, or stoneware, Marble or any stone derivative
Perishables & FMCGPlants and plant materials, including seeds and cut flowers (cut flowers are acceptable to certain destinations only)
PlantsDiagnostic specimens – classified as Dangerous Goods
Post Office AddressesShipments to Army Post Office (APO), Fleet Post Office (FPO), Post Office Box (PO Box) addresses
Sanctioned Origins CountriesOrigin of goods not allowed for imports as per destination country local laws and regulations
Tobacco ProductsCigarette, Cigars, Electronic Cigarettes, Tobacco
Valuables1. Valuable goods – Precious metals and stones, jewelery and genuine pearls. Articles made largely or wholly of gold, silver or other precious metals 2. Any item that is classed as ‘high risk’ under our terms and conditions (unless we have specifically agreed in writing to carry these items and you have complied with any other conditions for the carriage of these items)
MiscellaneousAny material, commodity, or substance which is classified as prohibited or dangerous item by law and could potential cause any harm or danger during transit or to any individual at the destination location.