80% of all patients diagnoses in hospitals rely upon the blood sample. Consequently, the transport of blood tube samples plays an important role for a fast, safe, and reliable way for laboratories to perform the analytic tests and for doctors to treat the patients.

When up to 80% of all diagnoses rely upon the blood sample the actual speed of Couryier for transporting the tubes becomes critical. We play an essential element for all blood tube samples test success to maintain the integrity and quality of the samples not only in the hospital and the laboratory, but also during transit. Consolidation, high temperatures, and vibration during duration transport are aspects we look out for as they can harm the values of the blood tube samples.

At Couryier we assist hospitals to reduce patients waiting time in the Emergency Room and increase turnaround blood tests response times, from the time a patient blood test is taken at the Emergency room, through analysis, until the doctor receives the results of the blood test. We support doctors for faster response times in case of infected patients to save lives, and ensure reliable and timely delivery which results in blood tests delivered in a fast and reliable interval of time. At Couryier we recognize that the sooner the doctors receives test results; the sooner a patient treatment can be started.

Many labs around the world are moving towards automation of their laboratories, which enables them to test the samples more efficiently and faster. Couryier ensures that this productivity in turnaround time remains throughout the analysis cycle for a fast and accurate patient diagnostic.

The total time saved by Couryier, from sending the samples to laboratories and the doctor receiving the test result an essential element in hospital productivity. We collect samples from hospitals across the nation every 15 minutes. This reduction, multiplied by hundreds of patients examined per day, has a huge impact on the flow of patients, who are waiting to be diagnosed as well as assist hospital management in improving efficiency at their hospital.

Aligned with our constant strive to provide efficient and quality services, Couryier Diagnostics Medical Courier Service provides a reliable and complete medical logistics solution to healthcare partners and patients. We focus on biological blood samples, medical time-critical shipments which include organs for transplant & research, laboratory specimens, rare diseases samples, and high value pharmaceutical medicines.

We recognize that time and quality are the most critical factors in affecting patient’s healthcare outcome. Our Medical Courier Team, which comprises of both drivers and riders, are professionally trained to handle and transport medical specimens and reports in a time-effective manner. Every courier is equipped with an integrated system to ensure connectivity, which allows real-time status tracking of the specimens and reports via GPS. To ensure that quality is not compromised during the transportation, all the medical specimens are kept in a special temperature-controlled and daily-calibrated cold chain medium throughout the journey.
At the heart of everything we do is a patient life, our primary purpose is to ensure a fast response time to the hospitals to be able to treat the patients as soon as possible. An early diagnosis means treatment can be started within a shorter time, and the patient can go home earlier, the more patients the hospital can accommodate.

Our range of hospitals comprehensive services offer

  1. Largest independent blood samples collection network
  2. State of art proprietary Couryier software to capture tube characteristics during transit
  3. Direct deliveries of samples to hospitals for samples collected from patients
  4. Reduced costs for laboratories to collect samples from hospitals
  5. Complete territory samples collection coverage to the most remote areas
  6. Real time notification on samples collection specifications prior to arrival to laboratory
  7. Temperature measurement of samples from frozen, cool, to ambient through-out journey
  8. Digital tracking of hospital number of tubes and time collection records
  9. Multiple frequency visits to the hospitals for sample collections
  10. Real time data logger monitoring of samples during transit to ensure full integrity