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We’re focused on growing your business while staying lean.

Couryier helps you handle your shipping volume as you grow and obtain preferential rates on international express packages. No matter what you want to send, we can help you. Our team of Logistics Economists and Architects work at understanding your business and your requirements.

Centralize your shipping process and gain control of time and costs with Couryier. Our easy and powerful online solution tools for businesses simplifies and streamlines shipping orders going across to multiple branches. Totally browser-based dashboards, no installations or costly updates are needed and it’s accessible anywhere, at any time.

Let’s Understand Your Business in More Detail.

We look at understanding the data trends, flows, and logistics patterns in your company supply chain to model the most affordable and fastest transit time design for meeting your business needs.

Order a pickup for your shipments.

Print shipping labels, schedule a pickup, track shipment progress, and pay for shipping online. Not only can you ship individual packages, you can also create an air way bill for courier shipments using saved customer’s addresses.

Save time and operational costs by having Couryier come to your place of business and pick up as many items as you like—packaged or unpackaged.

Have our pros do your packaging.

Streamline your fulfillment workflow by letting us take care of packaging. We use high-quality materials and packaging techniques to minimize weight and maximize your savings.

E-Commerce Services.

In E-Commerce last mile delivery is a critical part of your business, we can relate. You need to get shipments out as quickly as possible without error, keep your customers informed, and analyze your shipping history. Time Express dashboard allows you to:

  • View real time your orders
  • View first successful attempt and total delivery attempts
  • Identify your cash collections
  • Track shipments
  • Upload thousands of orders in 1 Click
  • Run reports

Our service.

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Couryier Economy service is affordable and convenient, your everyday parcel delivery solution. This service runs through our network of drivers, our Couryier couriers work within your local postcode delivering parcels between 7:30am-6:30pm, six days a week as standard. Economy offers that extra flexibility that comes with having local couriers, for example, if you were not available when we attempted to deliver you can phone your local courier to arrange re-delivery at a time that is convenient for you. Economy is offered with a Next Day or Two Day delivery option. Your parcel can be tracked and we will attempt to deliver your parcel 3 times over 3 consecutive working days. If not delivered it will be returned to the local Couryier Service Centre and held for a further 7 days. With a maximum weight of 17kg and length of 900mm this service is perfect for small to medium sized parcels. Economy service offers customer alert notifications to your mobile phone or via email. Alerts include, when your parcel is out for delivery along with the courier number to call if it is not convenient or when it has been delivered/left with a neighbor/left safe. If no one is available we provide you with the courier details to arrange a mutually more convenient redelivery time. If not contacted we will automatically redeliver the next day.


Our Global same day delivery solution uses a network of PUDO stores which keep your core products stored in over 800 locations worldwide and can be delivered within within hours from the time we receive a dispatch notification.

Never wait for parcel delivery again

No more 3-4 days to wait for a parcel to arrive, using PUDO your products can be distributed in multiple locations simultaneously on same day basis to your customers.

Whether you’re a merchant, online retailer, an online shopper who wants to ensure customers receive your products yesterday PUDO is the solution for you to delight your customers. PUDO is for online retailers who don’t want their customers to wait for a delivery and want to redesign the shape of online delivery, PUDO allows you the freedom to get on with life on your terms.

Once you’re a member, you can make our address your address. While you look to scale up your business globally and grow your sales, use any Time Express PUDO location to send your packages for your customers orders.


Our Couryier Freedom Worldwide Cash on Delivery service recognizes the preference for customers shopping online to pay cash. Time Express Freedom uses a network of various electronic providers from PayPal to Western Union available in over 190 countries to pay cash into our account.

We all know that cash carries its risks. With FREEDOM you don’t need to have a credit card and pay in advance or handle any cash in your business. The world turns into your backyard with convenience with consumer’s cash payment facility at your fingertips. Use FREEDOM to increase your available market size and increase the number of customers who want to purchase using cash your products.

Always get the best rate. Sell more, save more.

Know you’re getting the best rates. Plus, get volume savings on shipments of more than 20 parcels per month.

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Couryier negotiates the best bulk rates with carriers and passes to our customers. Ship your parcel with the best and most reliable top international parcel and courier services provider anywhere around the World! Start to save and contact us now for a quote.