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What Is Couryier Direct?

One of the best services we offer is Couryier Direct which offers same day collection and delivery 365 days of the year and up to 9pm on week-days with a Friday delivery option.

Couryier Direct is particularly useful for e-retailers and e-commerce companies offering full tracking and customers can select a time when they want to receive the items, plus you can watch the courier via the tracking portal until the item is delivered to the recipient. You can also choose a vehicle size which is perfect for your item.

If you are an online business and should have sent your parcels yesterday, or you’ve had a call from a customer and they need some goods or paperwork sent urgently then we’re here with a same day collection service.

All you need to do is place your order before 11:30 am and meet our minimum quantity requirements and we’ll be able to get it collected same day via our fleet and delivered the same day by 9pm in the evening.

I Want To Send A Parcel How do I Do This?

We offer multiple ways you can place your domestic and international packages orders from via web to using our upload tools to speed your AWB entry process. For high volume customers where time criticality is of the essence, we provide API integration for fast and efficient placement and tracking of your parcels.

If you are a business, you can visit the Your Business page, where you can find out information on Couryier services. If you only want to send a same day delivery of your parcels then Couryier Direct could be the right choice for you.

Have you purchased the wrong item and want to return it? Why not send your international package and save over 40% on your parcel costs? Try our international express services from Dubai and benefit from excellent transit time and significantly lower charges!

Our Worldwide reliable deliveries courier service caters for both businesses and residential consumers with daily collections and delivery of international packages anywhere in the world!